What Summer

Summer is about to end and holy shit I didn’t even feel it. I know, I know — I’m not a student anymore. It’s just that I have had a lot of things planned out for the summer since I don’t have any teaching load for two months. A lot of unexpected shit happened though, and I couldn’t stop them from stifling some of my plans. Argh.



I’ve begun with my A’Pisong Osipon (One-Peso Story) series. It’s comprised of subtly interconnected short stories with the one peso coin as instrument which connects everyone.

The piso project happened when, one boring day, I got an ugly coin (I think I got it from the tricycle ride). I wondered where it came from, who owned it, and how it got ugly. Were you ever curious about the life of the coins in your pocket?

A’Pisong Osipon‘s default language is also Bikol (been a while since I last wrote a piece using my own language), but sometimes it will change depending on the central character. My target is 60 entries. I’ve just uploaded the first in the series yesterday on my FB account.


Speaking of project, it seems that I’ve somehow neglected my weekly project for 2016: Seen Scene. Argh. My problem here is that I always need a picture per entry, and sometimes it’s difficult for me to take a picture of interesting people in action because I don’t want them to notice me taking their picture.

But I still need to finish it. Perhaps I don’t need to stick to the schedule, but I have to finish 52 entries.


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