Ch-ch-changes Changes!


First: This year my ENGS002 (for DIA students) load has been finally lifted, leaving me free from committing to any morning class. This way I’ll be able to focus more on my office work. Last year I realized that my teaching duties were taking up too much time, invading staff work (and yeah, I neglected a number of projects because of this).

Second: I’m usually the go-to guy when it comes to teaching Mythology & Folklore, but I got assigned to teach Contemporary Literature — much to my satisfaction. I find this load important as it supports my intent in studying [Modern] World Literature.

Third: I partially “de-loaded” myself as Moderator of the organization. After reflecting upon matters last year, I realized that more empowerment should be given to the members, hence I decided to step back  a little bit further to give more space for them to move, to make mistakes (and learn), to take risks. Of course, I’m just casually sitting at the sidelines, ready to give consultation when needed.

Fourth: K to 12 has arrived. Two days ago our first batch of Senior High School students had their Orientation Seminar. This marks not only the new school year, but also a new academic culture. What’s amusing is that we’ve just re-introduced an old practice in the campus — The morning assembly! Well, for SHS students only at least. Back in high school (circa 1998-2002) we used to have a morning assembly in the gym. The planned assemblies will be held every Monday in front of the O’Brien Library.

This will feel a little weird since, after 12 years, the main campus will once again accommodate… kids? Senior high is right between college and high school. So there’s a symbolic coming-of-age dynamic going on here.




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