Brain Vomit (Rant Explosion Ahead)


I was supposed to upload a long status message last night, but I put it off, not because I thought it was useless, but it needed further polishing.

You know what I hate?

Inner tension. Invisible cage[s]. Self-imposed cage[s]. Hypocrisy. Lack of sensitivity. Lack of integrity. Lack of commitment. Lack of insight. Lack of foresight. Lack of introspection. Lack of books. Lack of empathy. Lack of movement. Lack of commitment from members. Invisible members. Members who consider themselves as part of the organization without even participating in a single event. Conceited writers. Writers who throw their weight around. Writers who always complain but do nothing. Defensive writers. Writers who can’t let go of their golden years. Writers who can’t let go of their egos. Evening rain. Strong rains. Flood from the rain. No replies. Novelty songs. Controlling parents. Helicopter parents. Old money parents. Racism. Feudalism. Neoliberalism. Imperlism. Parochialism. Local politics. School politics. Student politics. Shitty first drafts submitted by students. Inconsistency of code & language in Wattpad books. Bad slam poetry. People shouting poetry. People shouting. Shouting. Crowded small areas. Huge crowds. Badly spent holiday. Noisy afternoons. Noisy library. Noisy classrooms. Noisy audience in the cinema. Violations of quiet zones. Noontime shows. Self-entitled students. Millenial self-entitlements. Grade-conscious students. Spoiled scholars. Passive-aggressive asshats. Loud asshats. Manipulative asshats. Irresponsible teachers. Misogyny. Bad reception. Martyr complex. Thieves. Thieves in the government. Harassment of any kind. Bullying. Provocations. An overload of selfies on my wall. Badly written textbooks and academic pamphlets. Expensive beer which isn’t supposed to be expensive. Bad stress. Idiocracy. Slow buffering. Slow download. Bad playlists. Repetitive songs in restaurants. Badly drawn tattoos. Stupid tattoos.  Students posting stupid shit while hiding under pseudonyms. Students posting poetry while hiding under pseudonyms (own your work goddamit!). Students who bash teachers while hiding under pseudonyms. Extroverts crucifying introverts. Students evading recitation by branding themselves as introverts when in fact they’re not. Students whining about their high grades. Students whining about school. Students whining about their non-existent relationships. Humble-bragging. Parents bragging about their children’s achievements. Grandparents bragging about their grandchildren’s achievements. Parents and grandparents who punish their children or grandchildren fro failing. People who hate failure. Blind followers of messed up politicians. Politicians who have stuck a little too long in their offices. Politicians who look down on the poor. Celebrity politicians. Stupid politicians. Imperialists looking down upon provincial communities. People from Luzon hating people from Mindanao. Religious fanaticism. Religious Racism. Animal haters. Language haters. Literature haters. Stupid people who are allergic to reading. Stupid people who laugh at book readers. Bad movies. Bad memes. Bad TV series. Bad love teams. Bad PR. Bad PR trying to save their irresponsible politicians. Summer heat. Blackouts. Blackouts during summer. This stupid list.


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