A Sigh; A Scene; A Song

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Yesterday I took a break from checking papers. It’s prefinal season and so the academic pace is slow for this week at least, plus I wanted to just relax over the one-day holiday. I placed my still-bleeding red pen back in the case, set aside the papers, and opened Susan Cain’s book (Ahj recommended it, and with my current goal to revise my methods to accommodate the learning preferences of both introvs and extrovs in class, I was compelled to finish it the soonest — yeah, fucking ambitious).

I spent almost the entire day learning about the nature of introversion and its quirks (Ahj and I are introvs). I was impressed by the level of research the author has put in assembling her book, and so far (I’m at page 133) the data are balanced, with some interesting side anecdotes.


Society wishes for us to smile all the time, to shake our hands firmly, to be congenial during parties, to be loud and fun and catchy.

[This makes me sad.]


I’ve been on a “Bowie binge” for the past few weeks. I wasn’t really a fan back then (I discovered his music through Nirvana’s cover of “The Man Who Sold the World” and The Flight of the Conchords’ parody song “Bowie in Space” [which also lead me to check out “Space Oddity“]), but the news of his death got me curious, and so I went over to YouTube and randomly clicked the links to his songs.

I wasn’t instantly blown away. My first random pick, Ashes to Ashes, felt a little too 80s, a little too stuck in its zeitgeist — but it grew on me slowly, slowly, slowly. Suddenly I found myself clicking replay, humming along with it, looking for covers, tapping along its funky bass lines. I was fucking hooked.

And so I got lost in Bowie’s musical labyrinth (hehe, get it?). Some songs sounded okay (mostly the songs from the “Meta-Bowie” era), some took a little more time dive into (his “Spaceman” days), while some admittedly were hard to appreciate (late 90s/early 2000s).

His last album (EP?), Blackstar, is a solid bookend to his music. And I like how he paralleled the life the fictional Major Tom with his career. The image of the dead astronaut in his video provided a bittersweet closure. Genius.


Two weeks ago I tapped some random lines on Twitter. It was about Major Tom inside his tin can, watching a flock of glowing space moths.


See you later, Spaceman


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