Pace and Chill

So I try to pick up the pace  for both work and academia, professional and personal. The year has just started and I want to keep the energy going. Recently I’ve just finished drafting the script for a proposed animated short to be shown later this year — hopefully the production goes smoothly.

My writing process has been in the form of ‘digging,’ in which I just try to go along with the story without planning too much (Stephen King discusses this process further in his book On Writing). Once in a while I would still stumble upon a number of plot obstacles. That’s when I stop and leave my desk (or open the browser). The idea would then arrive after a few minutes (or an hour or two) and I would then go back to writing.

What I like about the ‘digging’ process is that sometimes I get surprised by the results. Some work, some are way too random, but hey — that’s what workshops with friends are for. Stay tuned for this.


Teacher interventions — sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

There were a lot of times when I had to step in and act as a ‘referee.’ Personal pain among students seems to grow stronger in silence. They’re really good masking the wounds behind digital chatter.


It’s getting colder in the Philippines. I like how our daily operations are delayed thanks to the residue of winter chill from another country (thank god it doesn’t snow here in the country).

This usually happens late in January, and extends a little bit toward the middle of February. If you have a 7:30AM class… hell, good luck. The cool air would turn our blankets heavier. We persist to wake up on time, but nature’s soothing audade (and the lack of bird songs) would call us back into the womb we call the bed.



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