Listless & Listing

I have this thing with anxiety: no matter how much I try to be calm, something seems to be stirring at the back of my head. I describe it as a little fly, buzzing within the four corners, distracting me from doing the things needed to be finished [asap].

I try to tame this fly with my pen. Or swat it with ink and let the scrap be splattered on paper. I would speak with my journal, and let my journal respond in silence — it’s actually effective, I think.

Just this morning I listed the matters which need immediate attention. The list is not long, but wide. There’s just so much to do this year, and time has its way of running ahead like a total dickhead. Gah! Why, time, why? Come back here!


Our group, MEOW (short for Meet-Every-Other-Weekend Club), had a meeting last weekend and we’ve laid the groundwork for what’s to come this year. We’ve retained the number of projects for 2016, but the scope has become somewhat a wee bit ambitious.

Right now we’re praying not to fuck things up, especially on the commitment and action department. Watch out for our first online publication.


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