2015: A Good, Creative Year

2015 has been wonderful, and I’m thankful for a lotta good stuff that have happened. This year I found myself compelled to create more. To complete a number of projects. Here’s a short list:

1 I had time to write new poems—one of which was accepted in an anthology of ecopoetry.

2 I was able to collect my previous works and finally compile them into one zine (it also sold well at BLTX IX, yeah!).

3 I also had the chance to try out new stuff such as calligraphy and a formal workout program, both of which have helped me improve (my handwriting; my weight).

4 I’m also happy that I can write fiction again. Late this year I finished writing “The Scent of Mail” (which a bunch of editors have described as ‘weird fabulist fiction’) and just last week I submitted another short story (in Bikol) titled “Cathang Isip” (translation: Imaginative Thinking, which also plays with a slight pun; this is also another absurd fiction [a genre which I love]).

5 I’ve been consistent with my commitment to write and complete The Observation Posts–in which I would write one keen/insightful observation per day. Tomorrow I’ll write my last entry. My god. 365 observations!

6 In terms of groups, I was able to re-establish ties with ALA, and the group has been more active this school year. We’re trying our best to keep the number of members (as they usually decline per year). My other organization MEOW has also hosted a special event with High Chair–in which we tackled the basics of workshops & poetry. Awesome.



7 Finally [formally] proposed to Ahj. It was a perfect day for all of us.


Next year, oh dear geebus, I’ve got a lot of new goals, new projects to accomplish:

1 Wedding preparations! Aha! (It’s a good thing that I have some past experience as a graphic designer for print, so I’ll be the one to design the invitations and other documents)

2 Writing Goals: The Piso Project, Seatplan [a story of students], A farmpunk sci-fi love story which I’ll upload on Wattpad, and Seen Scenes. Let’s do this!

3 We’ll organize Better Living Through Xeroxography here in Naga City! Aaaah!

4 We’ll teach [senior-] high school students the basics of creative writing and workshops.

5 An art camp in summer which involves writing, visual/design, and possibly film or performance art.


So yeah, it’s been an amazing year! 2016, here we come!



2 thoughts on “2015: A Good, Creative Year

  1. congratulations on your 2015 sir! *GASP* OMG and CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU!!! my friends and i have been fangirling forever and it’s really happening! you’re like OTP’s we’ve been waiting to get together except you’re real and you’re canon and you’re actually getting married. aaargghh we are totally crying right now.

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