Tuesday Slow Reading and Other Updates

I. Zines
It’s been a while since I’ve last read a book. Currently we’re all busy trying to finish our first zines, hoping to get it all out there just in time for Better Living Through Xerography (BLTX) next week.

I’m done encoding the second draft of my poems. My goal for the weekend is to complete its layout and have it printed (staple, staple, staple). I’m thinking about getting fifteen to twenty copies.

II. Poetry and Slow Reading
I enjoyed reading Rebecca Hazelton’s essay on Poetic Lines. Though I was able to learn the basics of lineation/line cuts back in college, to [re]read something about form and timing via lines in poetry is somewhat refreshing.

The article also reminds me to read slowly, to savor each line and let the image unravel inside my head. To re-initiate the practice of slow reading is difficult, as current necessities require all manner of process to be quick (and yes, I’m guilty of reading poems very quickly). To read a poem (or prose) slowly is like chewing food at a delicate pace — to let the tongue feel through the texture of the steak (or lamb or fish or veggies) and let the flavors expand inside the mouth. Can’t wait to discuss this in class tomorrow.

III. New Gods
I’ve been updating and upgrading my content for LITM338: Mythology and Folklore. This semester I added Sumerian/Babylonian Mythology and Native American Mythology, among other stuff. I also bought and copied a couple of resources on local folklore.


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