Bits • Bits • Bits

I opened by drawer and realized that I have a stack of polo shirts still unused. I guess I’m just too comfortable with my current set (to the point that my students find my sense of fashion predictable). But hey, whatever works. Perhaps I’ll revise my lineup this second semester.


I followed this snarky cat around campus. I walked slowly as he walked slowly. I stopped whenever he stopped. I tried to hide (or pretend to do something) when he looked at my direction. A number of students approached him. He made a defensive stance and hissed. The students carried on.

A staff noticed me following the cat. “Are you guarding him?” she asked.
“I, uh, nope!” I answered, then went away, then went back again to continue following the cat.

I gave up minutes later. The follow-me game became boring.


The semester is almost over. Just in time — I’m almost out of steam. I can’t wait for sembreak, but I can still wait for second semester.


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