Reading Local Literature; Reading Naga City


August is considered as “Buwan ng Wika” ([National] Language Month) here in the Philippines. Recently, Edgar Samar, the writer of Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon and Eight Muses of the Fall,  has sparked an important and fun campaign called “Buwan ng mga Akdang Pinoy” #buwanngmgaakdangpinoy (Filipino Writers Month).

Somehow this has prompted me to re-evaluate my Filipiniana collection, to see how many local books I’ve read for the past few months — and hot damn I need to catch up. So I decided to only read books by Filipino authors, particularly Bikolanos, this August. I think this is also the right time for me to refresh my perspective towards my hometown, Naga City.

I’m done reading Vignettes of Bicol History by Fr Franisco Mallari, SJ and Cavalry Road by Abdon Balde, Jr. This week I plan to read all three books about Naga City, namely Naga: the Birth and Rebirth of a City by Danilo Madrid Gerona, The Naga We Know edited by Paz Verdades Santos & Kristian Cordero, and Kinunot, Kinalas, Kinamot by Luis General, Jose Perez & Tito Valiente.

For next week I plan to read Bikol poetry, particularly by Rudy Alano, Jaime Borlagdan, and Frank Peñones, Jr.

How about you? What books written by local authors are you reading right now?


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