Sickness: Encore [?]

So I was almost able to recover from this stupid flu yesterday but somehow it got a little stronger this morning. Not that I’m in the state of panic (since most of us here are still under the weather), but I’m just frustrated that I might be in this condition for a while longer. I hate that — it impedes me from working and thinking properly, especially now that it’s the second month of the semester and the pace has picked up.

I need a 1-UP mushroom!


I’m still vacillating between formal and creative when it comes to gamifying my class for ENGS002 (semi-business comm English). Do we take the corporate route (e.g. Ventrue or Glass Walkers) or the artistic route (Griffin & Sabine)? I gotta decide fast since running it would be long term, and the end game is crucial. I got ideas for both, but it’s hard to choose especially when students have varying preferences.


I choose Corporate [Intrigue]! The ‘artistic route’ will become an optional matter.


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