Sickness: Soothed (and a game of Pandemic)

Well, well, well — I can’t say it’s gone now, but I’m feeling better this week. I don’t sneeze and cough that much anymore thanks to some massive rest (#bed #sleep #doze) this weekend. I also mixed and matched tea and honey, soaked my throat with lotsa water, add some meds and there: I’m good. Almost 90% operational.


By some weird coincidence, last Saturday — while sick — I was able to play my first game of Pandemic. I played the game with Ahj and my nephew, and it wasn’t really that too difficult to learn (and teach) the game. Once you get to know the basics you’re all good.

But that’s just for how you run the game and not how you play it. You see, the rules are simple, but the strategy is quite, quite tricky. You gotta prioritize, you gotta count your movements (and sometimes the discarded cards), you gotta work together. Gah, just so much depth!

We won only one out of three games, and we won on easy mode.

(My next game purchase: King of New York)


I really, really, really wish for a solid tabletop community here in Naga City. Unfortunately we only have one supplier, and he only sells Magic: the Gathering (and I heard that he wasn’t even that consistent in terms of store schedule).

And I’m not really sure if people (especially students) will accept tabletop games wholeheartedly. I mean, they’re quite happy with their DOTA2 and LOL (as net cafe rentals are cheaper here; cheap thrills and all). The boardgame cafe model is very much solid in the Metro, but the economic dynamic[s] here in Bikol is very much erratic.

I remember back in high school we had a small M:tG group, but due to the usual budget constraints (our region is one of the poorest) sustainability was quite iffy. I mean, geez, we had to prioritize food and textbooks before anything else, and both were quite, quite expensive.

Honestly I want to open a small hobby shop, but daaaaamn it’s just way too risky.


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