Sickness: a Continuation

My early morning drowsiness forced me to choose between holding a class or cancelling it. I chose the former — and was rewarded when the habitual late comers arrived earlier than me. I just gave a short lecture, a follow-up of sorts to my previous lesson, but during the second half of the session, when my students were tasked to do some basic writing, I found myself coughing like hell. I just had to resist the itch lingering in my throat, and my head was so shaky as I pulled off every ounce of willpower not to give in to the cough. But my will broke and I hated it. Gah. Stupid colds.


My body is half-burning, half-lumbering. I decided to start my first workout session yesterday (despite the presence of colds) and it felt great. I thought the exercises were simple, but I guess I was extremely wrong. We were encouraged to push through with our every effort —  don’t give up. And we didn’t and we finished the cycle without fainting. Alright, alright, alright…

I wanted to jog this morning, but given the body aches (which the trainers warned) and my colds I might get sicker tomorrow.

So rest today. Run tomorrow.


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