Wine in the Afternoon (or the things that I’m thankful for this 2014)

Though 2014 wasn’t the best year, it wasn’t also that bad. I can say that it was probably solid despite a few pitfalls and personal fuck-ups. I don’t want to look at the year with aches existing somewhere between my chest and my stomach. Instead I want to raise this glass of wine and give thanks to the accomplishments achieved:

On Groups
I’m happy that somehow I was able to make amends with the organization I’ve created around a few years ago. I was able to talk and apologize to my members though not as a moderator anymore but as a spectator. I’ve realized that there are things which I need to let go of in order for them to grow, one of which is the Ateneo Literary Association.

I’m also happy to have created a new group of sorts, though it’s more founded in friendship and the need for constant conversations on the matters of writing and literature. My girlfriend and I were able to form this loose company of young writers (composed of students and teachers and non-academics) called the Meet-Every-Other-Weekend Club (aka MEOW). We’ve had some humble achievements, and the commitment is always there (solid attendance every meeting). We were also able to have a small gathering last December, which was a great success (with guests!). This year we aim to up the ante by having a sorta-kind seminar-workshop with guest writers from a more established group.

On Love
I feel blessed that I was able to have done more cool things with Ahj this year. Aside from forming a new group, we were able to enjoy a five-day retreat in Tagaytay and had a little vacation in Manila where she met my college friends. We also had a short vacation in Sorsogon just last month.

I’m also happy to notice that Ahj is finally finding her path (both in art and work). It’s always cool to observe the progress of artists and their craft, and it’s exciting to follow Ahj as her voice and convictions grow stronger. She’s become more graceful in her craft, more intuitive—and she’s always there to give me some sane advice whenever I falter (which I do most of the time). I feel and continue to pray to the gods above that this will be her year.

On Writing/Work
Sadly I wasn’t able to write a lotta prose this year (save for the CCP gig c/o Dr Santos), but I was able to write at least around forty poems. I also had closure with this TC project which kinda started waaaaay back in 2008. This 2015 I aim to create at least 20 creative writing outputs (prose and poetry). I also hope to finally land a spot in a National-level Writers’ Workshop… or get published.

It’s also awesome that I got a solid office duty which is more in line with my passion. I’ve been transferred from front desk to… well… middle desk? I was given the task to evaluate and strengthen the brand of our school (something which is very much in line with my skillset). I continue to teach part-time — and I think I was able to improve my preparations at least for this semester.

So far, so good. Here’s to an amazing 2015! Cheers!
Glimpse of Goals this 2015
–    Get published in a literary magazine/publication
–    Organize or Join a formal/national workshop
–    Read 60 books
–    Start making my online comics
–    Write on my personal journal more often
–    Find more young writers and help them hone their craft
–    Learn how to manage insecurities
–    Learn how to drive. Zoom zoom zoom


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