Post-Fundado, Founded; Constructions


Right now my body is struggling to push itself to ‘work’ (whatever that means, hehe). The aches on some areas have somehow doubled the force of Earth’s gravity, turning my movements sluggish and unreliable. Ugh, at least my fingers are working fine.

I cannot say that the construction yesterday was a complete success, as we haven’t touched a significant percent in terms of completion. We did, however, manage to use up all the blocks available (a goal! a goal!). Now the house-to-be has some walls (or something which resembles a wall [and a window]).

My back is sore, so are my arms, but I believe the pain is all worth it. The family will have to wait until December though.


{Fundado, Founded}

The road to Fundado (the construction site) is paved with traces of the storm: the rice stalks seem to bend toward the direction of Rammasun, its footsteps are smeared with junk from random homes brought by intense winds. Somewhere I saw, in random order:

  • a child’s shoe, its other partner: missing
  • a half-bag-half-teddy bear
  • an empty bottle of Sprite
  • a brown bamboo table
  • broken banana stalks
  • an empty pack of kornik
  • wires, rusty ones


Branches rolled and stuck and found home in the distant fields, or below the cooking pots of improvised kitchens — they’ve found purpose at least, even twigs contribute to the recovery of the human race.


Somewhere a nipa house stays bent. Its occupants remain missing. Over there is a half-fallen lamp post. Electricity is still scarce, and will arrive late, unfortunately.



I was fascinated by how the fellows mix the fine soil and cement with their rusty shovels (was able to try it out too: achievement unlocked). Water is poured at the center to make a mini-lake (or a small volcano — it depends on your imagination). They are then mixed by carefully pouring the cement-soil over the water, as one mixes flour and water.

Then the familiar sound of sloshing begins…



3 thoughts on “Post-Fundado, Founded; Constructions

  1. You know what’s amusing? I haven’t read anything yet and my first impression to the first photo was: Jay’s room with all the books in black and white. Then I saw the title. Then, wtf. hahaha It was the outreach site!

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