Bibliophanage 2014


{Of Books; the Now}

Just this morning a couple of students asked me what shows I follow on TV. I answered the usual Game of Thrones, with Brooklyn 99 thrown in. I forgot to mention that I also watch Da Vinci’s Demons (because it’s campy and shit). Let’s also add Adventure Time (haven’t seen season 5 yet) and some series to-watch-soonTrue Detective and Silicon Valley, though I’m not sure if I can commit to any series this semester, since I’m swamped with a frakload of units and responsibilities.

However, as much I want to pass the time watching events unfold on screen, recently I’ve “re-dedicated” my free time to my first love: reading. And this 2014 my personal goal is to finish reading fifty books (graphic novels included). Right now I’m at my thirteenth book with Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things. Thirty-seven more to go and I have barely six months.

I look at my collection and see how they keep on multiplying like gremlins. As a bibliophile I find impulse book-buying to be something close to normal, with my wallet completely getting thin every trip to the bargain bin. Just a few weeks ago, during our vacation in the Metro, I didn’t buy any new clothes (meh, I have a lot at home) or gadgets (double meh, as long as I can text and call I don’t need anything else), but I bought eight books which made my bag really heavy (it was heavier last time when I bought Eddie Campbell’s massive tome, Alec: The Year Have Pants). But still, it’s all worth it. I light up whenever I see a shelf filled with books especially when they’re not textbooks, and when the spines are colorful. I also get so high whenever the scent of old page hits my nose.

I love to read during quiet Sunday afternoons, when my parents and nephews are away. I always sit in a rocking chair in the balcony, overlooking the Naga river lazily flowing against the weekend heat. I like to read as I listen to the bamboo leaves gently falling to the ground, or the occasional sound of dog claws hitting the dusty concrete. They’re somewhere at the back, aggressively scratching away the naughty ticks. Let them exercise patience.

Sometimes I would open a bottle of wine (or beer, or brandy, or vodka — whatever’s available), pour, then sip. I dedicate the toast to the afternoon, and the other, to the authors.

Top Ten
Anyways, to those who are curious, here are my top ten favorite books.

10. Blankets by Craig Thompson
9. Moon Over Magarao by Luis Cabalquinto
8. Editorial Design by Yolanda Zappaterra
7. Skeleton Crew by Stephen King (I gave this away to a student)
6. The Thing: Idol of Millions by Dan Slott
5. Watchmen by Alan Moore
4. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon
3. The Writing Life by Annie Dillard
2. On Writing by Stephen King
1. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


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