Office Boredom; Yawn, 14 February 2014



This is the part where I say how much I’m extremely bored with work right now. This is the part where my brain cells are singing their own eulogy. This is the part where I really, really, really want to break the windows and jump.

Anywhere but here.

A few days ago I’ve been lamenting over the fact that my mind has been looking for something which could break away the monotony. I mean, geez, to just sit here in my cubicle for eight hours, receiving and releasing documents, preparing handouts which most of my students won’t even bother reading, killing time until the hour hand hits six. I just… gah. I don’t think I wanna do this anymore.

{Poetry Reading, Speak}

On the plus side, teaching has been interesting quite lately. Just this Wednesday I decided to ditch the the usual textbook test and went to a simpler, genuine exam. I tasked my World Lit students to compose their own poems and read them in class.

The results vary, but I’m still impressed over the fact that most were able to pull off a good reading. This time I tried not to judge their works aesthetically, but “heartfully” (note: not “heartily”). You see, my usual tendency is just to observe the writer’s technical approach (wordings, structure,  etc.). This time I followed Merlinda Bobis’s advice on listening — to just listen from the heart, to “feel” the sincerity as one performs.

And I loved it. I really, really, really love how my students’ revealed a part of their genuine selves through their presence in the reading: their shaky hands, their stammering voices, their quirky little introductions, their willingness to listen to the others. Their works weren’t perfect, they could still be revised and improved, but how much they’ve shown their souls to the others was critically important.


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