Weekend, 26 January 2014



So I got my bad tooth pulled out last Friday, but it took me quite a while to pack a good amount of courage to face the dentist. You see, back in grade school I had the unfortunate experience of getting my tooth pulled with the anesthesia being ineffective. Yeah, imagine the intense pain fucking me up, prompting the little me to scream in agony.

Funny thing was I had to consult with Ahj first on why I shouldn’t get my tooth pulled on that day. Actually it was just me trying to delay the inevitable. I kept on telling her (and myself) that I had a lot of shit to do and getting my teeth pulled on that day could distract me from finishing most of my pending office and academic tasks.

“The pain might eat up all my attention,” I said (yeah, Jay, tell yourself that over and over and over).

But I reflected on it, and a few minutes later I told myself to just “Fuck it. Let’s do this. Let’s get this over with.”

I told my officemate that I’ll be away for a few minutes and headed straight to the university dentist. When I got there I found it slightly amusing that the dentist kinda hesitated as her shift was about to be over and she was actually preparing to go home already. She recommended that the one who was about to get the next shift do the operation (she still had thirty minutes to spare by the way). Fortunately, the head of the office, who happens to be my girlfriend’s mom, told the dentist that it was totally cool. One for the road maybe?

And so I was asked to go wait at the operating chair. A few minutes and a numb cheek later, my rotten tooth was finally extracted.


I guess it wasn’t really that bad or painful, much to my surprise. The operation was, in fact, smooth as I didn’t feel a thing. The pain, however, took me by surprise a few minutes later (when I was already in the office), and I was bleeding like hell. It was, however, immediately remedied with two cups of ice cream (Ahj’s treat!).


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