Pull and Find, 24 January 2014


{Seek and Ye Shall…}

I was supposed to go to work early this morning but unfortunately I got here almost an hour late. You see, for this suite of poems that I’m desperately trying to complete I need to check on some of my older, almost forgotten memories. This is just my attempt to re-experience the critical points in my life back in the day and reallocate them on paper. I tried to read some of the written accounts but unfortunately — much to my embarrassment — I couldn’t decipher my shitty handwriting (what the hell was I on back then?).

I also noticed a great number of resolutions I’ve written over the years. So many checklists and enumerations but so little actions. I’ve been promising myself a lot of things, only to be [self-]disappointed in the end. This shit has got to stop.

{Pulling Teeth}

I have an appointment with the dentist later; a problematic tooth is about to get pulled. The horror, the horror: the image of a long needle violating my gums is just, ugh, nightmare.

But I can’t wait.

{Seek and Ye Shall…[II]}

Found an old folder.
Opened it.
Read the file.
Old poems.


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