Preparations, 23 January 2014


{Rush, Rush}

Next week the university will have a two-day judgement period (dundundun!). From Monday to Tuesday, accreditors (high ranking officials from selected schools, think Avengers composed of teachers) will roam around the halls, interview some random faculty, and sit at the back of an unfortunate classroom to see if we’re still capable enough to sustain our title.

Everyone is quite panicky, and I’m wondering why I’m just chillin’ [should I panic? should I panic? should I panic?]

Anyways, preparations started early last year, with every office updating its credentials [certificates! certificates!]. Just a few days ago I visited a room filled with papers, molar files, and folders containing a shitload of data which hope to impress the accreditors. Some also renovated their quarters, reallocated positions, and purchased new upholstery. On the other hand, instructors submitted their thick syllabi, got them back with comments from experts, and submitted them again for collation (I was one those who submitted late — pardon me, I wasn’t informed about the deadline). Recently, orientations were held for both faculty and students in order to prepare them for the coming “judgement days.”

I’ve been thinking about it: maybe — just maybe — it’s okay for us to lose our status (and in the process some will definitely lose their shit, hehe). It will put us back into perspective, to remind us that we should always — always — push harder every single day. I mean, have we been really that good for the past five years? Or do we need to update ourselves in terms of our tech and methods? If we retain our stat then I guess it’s cool, and if we lose it, well, I guess it’s okay.

For now we wait. We wait.


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