Daily Dementations: 4 August 2013

4 August 2013

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The rain drowned our voices despite the strength of the sound system. And when we were all done singing our hearts out with bad renditions of old songs, the rain stopped.


When I was still in high school I had a neighbor who was an alcholic. He also happened to be a relative. Everyday I would see him walking along the street, asking vague questions to random strangers (most especially children). He would give them a riddle with no answers.

Since they didn’t know shit about the answers, he would continue to barrage them with new questions. I would often observe their faces–vexed, scared, unable to escape the drunken sphinx.

He’s dead now. His riddles remain unanswered.

(   )

“I wasn’t sure just where those cities lay, but I knew they were nowhere near Paraiso.”
[T.E.D. Klein, Children of the Kingdom]


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