Daily Dementations: 7 July 2013

7 July 2013

(   )

Awe — this is what I feel whenever I’m in the company writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, thespians, and other individuals whose talents can be barely contained, splashing on each page, each frame, each file —

This overwhelming creative energy manifested in gatherings as each share stories, exchange theories, narrate histories, or merely just jest about the daily grind.


The creative mojo is contagious. It seduces me to create something new, enticing me to dive back into my personal treasury of unused, random memories — hoping that something beautiful and strange might reveal itself on the blank surface before me. For now, let me linger on:

  • the unintentional dents and scratches on old wood carvings found on a friend’s door;
  • the chipped elbow of a pseudo-idol made of cheap marble at the market;
  • the crack in someone’s voice as she sings the blues (surely you’ve felt it) on a hot night at the bar;
  • the balding area of a grassy field in a forgotten farm;
  • melancholy

(   )

“Thou hast nor youth nor age/ But as it were an after dinner sleep/ Dreaming of both.”
[TS Eliot, Gerontion]


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