Daily Dementations: 4 July 2013

4 July 2013

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Master’s Square, a local department store famous for selling, well, almost everything was burned to the ground at dawn. Some said arson, while others, faulty electrical wiring. I will miss the old building where I used to buy cheap notebooks, office matters, and art materials. I will miss the heat. I will miss the crowd. I will miss the maze made by racks and shelves holding the usual stack of papers and pads and whatnot.


I woke up smelling the scent of burned bread. The AM radio was blurting the action in Centro. The building was slowly burning. The building was slowly burning. The building was slowly burning. Water was sparse. Water was almost nowhere to be found (even when several firetrucks had already arrived). Where was rain when you needed it?


And so it did arrive this afternoon, but it was already too late — the water only purged the ashes that remained.

(   )

“I’m up for the Julius Caesar Author of the Year Award this year. I’m tremendously proud, considering Caesar is the guy who burned down the Library of Alexandria.”
[Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title]


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