Daily Dementations: 8 June 2013

8 June 2013

(   )

There is pain on my left temple, raw and throbbing. It’s just one of those mornings when my body disagrees with my will. I look at my cellphone and take note of the time.

The minutes are wasted, unfortunately, and the seconds are thrown away.


There is a letter in my inbox, something which comes between an appeal and a display of bravado. No, it’s not from a student, but from a colleague who sat on the academic hot seat a few days ago.

Right now I’m composing a short response. Something which may or may not help him. This is not a consolation, but an advice.

Play the game well, my friend. Don’t immediately show your cards.

(   )

“His humor was largely based on letting things go the way they wanted. He didn’t seem to push at stupid stuff to demonstrate his brilliance or chastise us for our collective failings or such. He let things flow.” [Gunnar Swanson, The World It Book]


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