Writing, Waltzing

I’ve finally found focus and right now I’m currently waltzing with two short stories (whenever I get stumped or tired on one story I would immediately shift to the other–yeah, I’m a narrative whore).

Writing is never really easy, but it’s fun (with imperfections and all). I get a kick out of creating something, absurd things usually.

To give you a preview here’ s an excerpt from one story:

They all knew us as “Jun, Pongs, Greg, and Raisa” and not “Raisa, Pongs, Jun, and Greg” or “Greg, Raisa, Pongs, and Jun” or “Raisa, Jun, Greg, and Pongs.” It was always “Jun, Pongs, Greg, and Raisa.” If someone made a mistake in calling us in another order things would be a little… off—like something was rather misplaced, or something was there but it wasn’t supposed to be there.

And here’s from the other:

I ate dinner of cold rice and bits of chicken adobo (more like chicken skin, I hated the meat, threw them away). I turned on the television. Click. A reality tv show featuring kids trapped in a mansion. Click. A weekly murder-mystery drama with a very predictable plot—the midwife did it. Click. A late night variety show with a host way past his prime, his skin kept on sagging right under his chin. Click. A comedy about three socially awkward nerds and a homecoming queen. Click. Click. Ah, cable television, too many choices, so little substance. I turned the idiot box off and decided to take a short rest on the couch. My feet were too tired to walk up the stairs.

Both are really raw and certainly need revision[s]. Since last night I dedicated myself to at least finishing one of them this week. One story keeps on unfolding, while the other meanders (perhaps it’s lost, but I’m happy to accompany it in the wilderness, One day the story will find its true path).


In the office I’m currently catching up with a lot of things. Well, they’re mostly academic matters. The deadline for the submission of Midterm exams questionnaires is this Friday (11 January 2013) and I’m at a dead end on what to put. English/Language week is also next month. I think we’re going to have a meeting tomorrow as preparation.


Aw snap It’s 10:15pm already? Time flies!


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