My Love Letter to 2013

Dear 2013,

So the first office day of the year  is about to commence in a few hours. I do reckon that there’s a huge stack of papers waiting for me there. I want to go all out with the office cleaning in the morning, throwing away the old, obsolete data sheets and records which will never really be irrelevant. In the afternoon let me catch up with a lot of things, one of which is going back to this little path riddled with risks and possible regrets.

Almost a week has passed and you’ve already given us much challenges to ponder on: from family pains to organizational structures to questioning personal beliefs which should or should not be imprinted on diurnal matters.

Oh, 2013, how you taunt us with exciting possibilities! Will we be able to tame you? Or is it the other way around? Will I look at you with wonder? That whenever I look back a few years from now you will turn out to be that significant time in my life? That whenever I get into conversations I would always proudly start it with “Back in 2013…” or “Remember during 2013…” or “2013 was a good year ‘coz…”?

My hands are shaking, help me sooth them with promises which may or may not see light. Perhaps I just want to hear your voice, your whisper which may or may not guarantee something. How I wish that you can speak to me in sporadic songs bounded in bittersweet coincidences. How I wish that I can see you: sitting at the edge of a cliff–fishing perhaps, pondering, looking at the sun, rising.

2013, let’s be awesome together, yes?




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