Introducing TILAD: Kasagkoran and Katal


To celebrate the postponement of the end of the world, the Ateneo Literary Association brings you its second online literary folio, Tilad: Kasagkoran, featuring poetry, stories, and illustrations from students, teachers, and alumni of Ateneo de Naga University.

You can read it online here and download your own copy here.

If you want to read the first online issue, it’s here and you can download it here.

Tilad Katal



As a new organization we find it really, really hard to get a grant. As a literary organization, where you need a published output to verify purpose and activity, getting money is next to impossible. Last year we tried to get some financial support but somehow I don’t think we were ready yet (it’s really hard when the standards/requirements of some are just way too high [and sometimes unreasonable]).

So this year, remembering an advice from a good friend (“You’re artists, you make do of what you have”), we decided to publish our works on the internet. Besides, almost everyone has gone online these days, and the university is trying to convince its community to have paperless operations/communications (for environmental reasons [plus to cut costs and save money for bigger, more important operations]).

However, we still dream of getting our literary folio published via print someday.


I have to say that as the moderator of the Ateneo Literary Organization, I’m really, really happy to see the works of the members published. Sharing their talents (even by just submitting their works) is an indicator that somehow they have found the courage to reveal a part of their unique voices to the world. And that is very, very important.

So far so good, let’s continue.


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