Clean-Up: Refinding Lost Memories

Just this Sunday I spent most of the day cleaning my room. I want to meet the new year with an uncluttered mind, and with the long vacation I took the opportunity to do a general clean-up. I decided to simplify everything by throwing away redundant and unnecessary items. Some of my unused wallets were cracked, ugly, and useless so I threw them away. Some documents were obsolete and were merely food for rats and silverfishes so they went straight to the trash pile. Some of my books (unread and read) were put on shelves outside my room, while some just had to go, to find new owners who will give them care and attention that the pages deserve.


It’s easy to let go of some objects now, though I’m still a sentimental creature.

Some of the items I found were my stamp collection, a rabies vaccination card (I got bitten by a stray dog and thought I was gonna die of rabies in 2007), my transcript of records, dusty journals, papers back in college (especially my early poems), folders containing my design drafts (with progress notes), and old pictures which showed a thinner me.

There were also bottles of unused perfume, Rogue magazines, calendars, bags, and a pair of drumsticks.


Right now my room is wider and I’m enjoying the clean space. My next project is to draw doodles on my walls.


then and now


My table is now free from any distractions. Ooooh yeah.



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