There’s Nothing Like (or the List)

The long Christmas break. I’m here in my room, semi-bumming around. I was supposed to clean up the place but I found it so hard to resist the seductive snooze. Tomorrow, yeah. Let’s do it tomorrow.

Bon Iver is playing. I look outside and there’s traffic. My nephews are here with their grandad. I just hope that they get to stay longer.

There’s just a lot of shit to accomplish this break. So many short stories that I have to finish before the end of the year. In fact, I should be finishing one this evening (I’ve set a personal deadline which is tomorrow, 22 December 2012).

Hey, we’ve survived the 12-21-12 end-of-the-world thingie. The date also reminds me of that special moment when I gambled my heart and mind to someone. Today is, in fact, the anniversary.


On my to-watch playlist:

  1. [Akira Kurosawa’s] Dreams
  2. Synechdoche, New York
  3. The Broken Tower
  4. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (I have to finish reading the book first)
  5. The Artist

On my to-read stack:

  1. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
  2. Fish-hair woman
  3. Jesse Robredo: Proud Nagueno Memories
  4. Philippine Literature: A History and Anthology
  5. This tall stack of magazines, from Rogue to Juxtapoz, to HOW, to Poets & Writers

Take note, for one day I’m going to shut myself away from the world to ponder on these matters:

  1. A writer’s group for AdNU’s faculty and staff (I’m trying to create a list of initial members)
  2. The future of the Ateneo Literary Association and its role in the university
  3. More short stories
  4. Literary Criticism (and my other blog which I had neglected to update)
  5. My role as a part-time teacher

So far, so good. But first: the clean-up.


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