Randominity 4

My right shoulder aches from all the checking. The air-conditioning system bothers me with its melancholic hum. I’m listening to this amazing trip-hop music. Nothing gets better than this.


I want to buy you something, but I don’t have any money.

The Drums, Money


Been taking notes of randoms things, random equations, random events, and random music (from the internet radio). They would all lead to nowhere, I guess. I just want to hear the tappings on the keyboard — or how my fingers feel the solid, plastic little keys as if playing a cheap piano.


Freewriting — this is my new diurnal exercise. I feel so free whenever my mind vomits on the monitor with words almost incomprehensible.


You know what’s weird? When the old laptop runs faster than the new one. Also, I’ve been using the ol’ dog since last month. I guess this little beauty still has some mileage left.


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