Up to Something

Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus, but I was quite preoccupied with matters both personal and academic.

First, midterm exams have just, well, happened and I’m almost done checking papers. I still have to check the stuff from this certain class, but I’m having some difficulties as most of them have given me incomplete entries. I just wish that they could all comply with the requirements earlier than expected. Oh well.

Second, I’ve been writing a short story for a particular contest. I really don’t care about the prize, or winning. I just wanted to finish something. For one week I went to our other house and, every night, wrote in a room free of noise and other dastardly distractions.

This is also my first time writing a story using my native language. Although writing in Bikol feels very much new to me (been writing in English and Tagalog), somehow the act of writing in my region’s tongue is, in fact, liberating.

But damn it. I’m all rusty.


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