Bibliophanage: August 2012

August has been generous in providing me with books on poetry. As my fingers dug their way through the stack I was surprised to find these:


Here we have Mourning Katrina: A Poetic Response to Tragedy edited by Joanne Gabbin, War Surgery by Karen Mulhallen, Repair by C,K. Williams, and The Door by Margaret Atwood (which was taken out of the shelf by KC).


I just wanna share an excerpt from C.K. Williams’s poem, The Poet:

I always knew him as “Bobby the Poet,” though whether he was ever one or not,
someone who lives in words, making a world from their music, might be a question.


And a little bit  from Margaret Atwood. Here’s an excerpt from It’s Autumn:

It’s autumn. The nuts patter down.
Beechnuts, acorns, black walnuts —
tree orphans thrown to the ground
in their hard garments.

Simply beautiful.


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