That Familiar Sound of Rolling D20

Lately I miss making campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons. Our group started playing back in 2010 but somehow due to the lack of time and the arrival of a hundred and one tasks we have, unfortunately, lost the will to commit and continue our missions.

Sometimes the urge to pick up the DM and PC guides would come, but upon looking at my busy schedule I find it hard to squeeze in a time for D&D. Such a sad gaming catastrophe.

What is Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)?

D&D (or DnD for some) is the grandaddy of all role-playing games. In fact, there wouldn’t be any Final Fantasy or Skyrim or even World of Warcraft without Dungeons and Dragons. To play  you need a set of dice (from D4 to D20), player’s guide, index cards (or power cards), pencils, tokens, and a character sheet. Of course, there’s this very essential requirement: IMAGINATION. Without it, the purpose of playing D&D is as good as nothing. Tabletop gaming for the win, huzzah.

The initial challenge of playing D&D is learning the rules. You have to go over the pages of the Player’s Guide to at least learn the essentials of the game. However, you do not need to memorize every rule in one sitting. The DM is there to check. But hey, just keep your PC guide near you during games so you can go browse through and verify the rules when needed.

Why Should We Play D&D?

‘Coz it’s fun. You can do anything. ANYTHING (much to every DM’s chagrin, but hey, it’s his or her problem). I remember those Saturday and Sunday games when the players messed around with their characters, wreaking havoc in small towns and slaying dungeon monsters with improvised — and amusingly hasty — tactics. I remember the dice rolls during interrogations and instances of skulduggery. I remember unleashing a white dragon at the end of the cave and killing most of the PCs.

Fuck yeah. Fun.

And so here I am, once again inspired to once again compose a campaign. Maybe we can start in a tavern, or the city hall, or in some inter-dimensional plane. I don’t know, there’s a lot of amazing worlds to consider. I think I’ll look at my D&D stash later tonight and see what I can do.

For now, this Dungeon Master is hungry for a good story.


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