Prelims Week

This is me, excited and high on caffeine.

I was able to finish formulating the exams for prelims this school year and I’ve realized how my tests, from objective to essay, are now simplified.  I’m not really sure if my predilection for coming up with difficult items is still here, but I can guarantee that I have created some items which are quite, well, tricky to answer. One has to use either critical thinking or imagination to get it.

I really can’t remember what my tests where like back in college. Oh wait, yeah, most of them were multiple choice. Hey, even when I took the entrance exam here in the university (as the requirements for employment) all of the categories were delivered in the guise of multiple choice.

To be honest, I hate tests. I know how [sometimes] exams are essential — what I mean is I hate the feeling of being in an exam, may it be written or oral, academic or job-related. I hate going back to that silly little feeling of knowing nothing. I usually experience this moment of extreme anxiety whenever there’s an exam right ahead. Perhaps this is what my students feel when they’re about to take a test.

Here’s to good luck.


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