Goodbye To [ ]

As I’m writing this Crowded House is singing Don’t Dream It’s Over. I’m also using my old laptop which is wheezing at the moment — old bones crackle and pop, and the keyboard has been embedded with what seems to be a bastard child of mold and dust bunny.

Now The Strokes are playing. Casablancas rants about New York city cops, I think. I’m not familiar with the lyrics, but the beats are bangable. In fact my fingers are slamming the keys right now.


Room clean-up. I dusted off my books and magazines and swept the floor. Funny how I didn’t sneeze this time. I also said goodbye to some really, really irrelevant handouts.

I’ve also (kinda) sorted my books, but I think it’ll take two days for me to completely arrange them by genre, author, and size. I also decided to migrate all my Juxtapoz magazines to my shelf in the university. Perhaps some of my students/organization members could use them in the future.

Next month I’ll choose some books to give away–not that I don’t love them anymore, but I guess someone might enjoy them more than I do.


While I was browsing my sketchbook I saw this:

Hmmm, can’t remember what the illustration was for.


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