Been looking at the hundredth draft of my EN002 (Writing in the Discipline) syllabus for this school year and I’m still stumped. I’m weighing priorities, trying to remember the various teaching disasters I committed last year.

Meh. So many lessons to squeeze; so many methods to reformulate; so many modules to revise. Think, Jay. Think. Use your imagination.

Staring at the new blank paper, I don’t know where to start. Perhaps I’m just distracted is all. Damn this unfavorable weather.


Taught my mother how to use the laptop last night. I used my old Acer laptop — which is now six years old (amusingly considered as vintage in laptop age, ha!) — and it was just way too slow. I was supposed to reformat the old dog but my sentimentality prohibited me from doing so.

My mother complained of its turtled tempo. She raised her head and pretended to snore each time the pixel hourglass appeared. I joked around saying that perhaps while waiting for Windows to load maybe we could chat a little and talk about childhood; while waiting for Microsoft Word to open maybe we could cook rice and eat dinner.


“It’s like using a typewriter,” I said while observing her fingers tapping the keyboard. She was like a child playing the piano for the first time — clunky rhythm, awkward beats, but the eagerness to learn was definitely there.

“This one’s the Caps Lock, while that’s the Tab button. We all know the spacebar, and you don’t need to know about the alt and function right now.”

“Email? Oh, you have to open the internet first, and open your own email account.”

“We don’t have a printer, ma. Just save it in my flash drive.”

“Facebook? Uh, I don’t think our net’s connected. Open dad’s account? Wait, wait, it’s not that simple!”


Circle is Complete.


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