Randominity 3

Just  a quick update. We just had our department meeting this afternoon. I thought I saw five new faces, new grads. I was thinking, “maybe I could invite them and the others to write poetry or short stories.” That way we can create a subcircle of new teachers who dig literature and other artistic endeavors within the department.


Chicharon from Cebu: delectable. I salivate at the very thought of it.


In connection with our meeting, I’m starting to [re]formulate the syllabus for my Mythology (101) class. I was hoping to get a softcopy of the old syllabus from my colleague but unfortunately her hard drive was nuked by some virus. So I decided to design the syllabus from scratch.

To meet the standard requirements specified by our Chair I’ll automatically include Greek/Roman Mythology and Norse Mythology, both of which are a little easy (and hopefully fun) to teach. I’ve been a fan of the Greek/Roman mythology since kindergaten, and I’m a bit familiar with some of the Norse  gods. Thank god for Marvel and Neil Gaiman.

Of course, I’ll teach Asian (Japanese to be specific) and local mythology. I’ll include modern mythology (superheroes) at the end of the semester. I hope this works.


And yeah, I’m planning to incorporate Dungeons and Dragons and Lord of the Rings in the syllabus. Oh wait, maybe I need to add Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. Argh! The possibilities, the possibilities.


As for En002 (Writing in the Discipline), I’m not going to pull off a repeat performance. In fact I’m totally revamping the whole subject. The revision should hopefully flow well with the learning curve of the incoming animation students.


Trial of the Month (or the year perhaps?): Chief Justice Corona. Everyone was glued to their seats as they watched the trial on television.

Dude is found guilty. I guess we can sleep soundly tonight.


Excited to teach again! Yeah!


2 thoughts on “Randominity 3

  1. i remember you memorizing the greek gods and goddesses when you were in kindergarten,bringing along the thick,red encyclopedia wherever you go. who knew you’ll be teaching them someday.good luck sir jay!

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