Hierloglyphs and Artifacts

So while we were preparing the accommodations of our guests for the Pagsurat Bikolnon 2012 last month we stumbled upon certain artifacts and writings from an apartment occupied by Chinese volunteers. Having been a student in a Chinese school back in elementary (useless trivia about me no. 003) I could still guess the meaning of some of the writings on the table, but I had a hard time pulling the big message together. Somehow I blamed myself for not paying attention back in class; somehow I should have at least mastered Mandarin. Oh well.

They were written beautifully with a pencil, taped on the surface. Perhaps they served as reminders, or not.

ah, here’s something written in English —

Indeed, indeed.

Oh, I think this one’s a poem. Can you translate this?


And then there was this paper rose, which gladly reminded me of someone —


These were attached to various objects in the apartment —


The most curious object I found was this sign on the door. Now as far I can remember this is a symbol for good luck, but it was posted upside-down. This didn’t just happen on one door. All the other doors also had the symbol on them, posted upside-down —


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