Five Lights: In Black and White

Just a short, meditative post before I leave for some place far (no, I’m not quitting or anything, just a short respite before all hell breaks loose this coming June, new school year and all).


Exhibit 1.a. Captured light, hiding behind tropical trees, in the swamp, mosquito-infested
but they don’t bite,


Exhibit 1.b. Ghostly light, intentions subtle, fleeting, temporary — my eyes blink and miss (unintentionally, in denial, but noticed),


Exhibit 1.c. Silent light, singular above and placed gently on damp blanket — darkening,


Exhibit 1.d. Unnatural light, runs on the artificial, I doubt its presence, acts as fake moon, while —


Exhibit 1.e. Unnatural light: specimen two, runs on something natural, warm, enticing. Let us gather around it like moths, ignoring death, ignoring. Ignore.


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