New Project Blog: Kanto ni Bantong

Before I return to my usual habit of writing irrelevant ramblings I am happy to introduce my new project blog, Kanto ni Bantong (Bantong’s Corner). The mentioned site aims to become an avenue for Bikol critics/reviewers. I hope that I’ll be able to make the blog grow and become “legit” by next year.


  • To have regular contributors from various locations in Bikol,
  • To have guest contributors from various locations in the Philippines,
  • To become a reference site for budding writers and researchers, and
  • To eventually start a group of young critics.
Honestly I don’t have that much “street cred” in the local literary scene. In fact, I don’t have my MA yet or anything which would make me “legitimate.” I don’t think anyone would even take me seriously, but what I’m trying to do is continue the legacy of our local literary historians, critics, and analysts. I may not have read the essential books on literary criticism yet (I’m still trying to find the book by Derrida) but I’m doing my best in catching up.


There are actually two amazing individuals who have inspired me to create Kanto ni Bantong. First is Dr Paz Verdadez Santos (everyone knows her as “Ma’am Doods”). She’s a teacher, editor, critic, and researcher, specializing in Bikolano/Bikolnon literature. I met Ma’am Doods just last year (she’s my teacher in two MA subjects which I took this second semester), and I would usually experience this “unlearning and relearning” regarding teaching, writing, and loving one’s regional culture and identity in her class and lectures. I was able to appreciate Bikol more because of her. Thanks, Ma’am Doods!

The other person is Alexis Tioseco(†) who was an amazing young film critic focusing on and promoting works made by local indie filmmakers. When Alexis talked, everyone listened. He would always have this ultimate conviction and wisdom hidden within his sentences. I met him when I was still a college student and he was just filled with astounding energy and good vibes. This one’s for you, sir!


Here we go!


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