Randominity 2

Friday. I feel so dull today. Sore throat.


Just finished my long, almost overdue assignment. Feels good. Can’t wait for my stuff to be published.


Been craving to eat Kinalas, only to find out that it’s Friday today (Lenten season). Gonna look for some “fishy” alternative. Sushi perhaps, or sashimi. Hungry.


As an assignment I was asked to do a book review. There’s only roughly 20 pages to go (started reading yesterday), but I’m too tired to finish it. Though the book is interesting (will not divulge it publicly yet since it’s something… academic), there are some, well, let’s say holes in it. Should I be honest? Or should I turn to euphemisms? I’ll soon find out tonight as I write a three-page review.


Again, sore throat. Hate it.


Been looking at pics of Bikol at Tumblr. I really love my region, quirks included. Though I believe we still have a lot of shit to clean up.


Listen to the church bell overlapping the sound of the air-conditioner overlapping the sound of my head’s soundless nonsense.


Too tired to write a review. Too tired to even worry.




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