Introspection, or Thinking with Team Sleep

Light up the stage
so we can all take off anywhere
we’ll never come back


I remember listening to this song every time I was drunk–walking home, zigzagging along the streets of  Makati (from Guijo to Ponte most of the time). Upon reaching the gate of the boarding house I would sit under a lamppost, yellow light spotting some loser with sketchy headphones.

I would imagine being in some place more familiar, of someone’s home whose name I can’t even recall. Pardon.


And then there’s this:

Froze asleep
coma deep


I dedicate this song to an unknown friend who died from cardiac arrest, but had expired earlier–half awake, between dreams and dreams, falling into the deep gap, trapped beneath pillows and hospital beds. Life-support system, failure, blink.


We now end this nonsense with something to scream with:

With her army complete 
She can take me apart off 


Let us sleep. Let me.


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