Light earthquake this morning. Had to check if it was real. Looked at two buckets of water and checked for ripples. Too subtle. Had to verify later.


Went to the university church to say hi to God. Instead I chanted three names: “Atlas. Prometheus. Sisyphus.”


Drowsy. Woke up from a nightmare. They haunted me in two parts:


There’s a hole on my left leg, just near the Achilles heel. Something’s coming out and I pulled it with my fingers. It looks like a large millipede and is way damn long. Then I pull out another, and another, and another, until I find myself pulling hundreds of them.


I’m in a classroom which resembles a cave and my students look all unfamiliar and horrible, alien even. The one who looks like their leader (I call him “The Alpha”) pushes me out of the classroom and pulls off a “sweeping kick” (remember that move in Mortal Kombat where you press B+LK?). 

I fall, face down, realize that it’s all a dream. I try to wake up, but I can’t. Panic. Feels like dying.


And then I opened my eyes and saw little neon dinosaurs walking on my wall. Strongest hallucinations I’ve ever seen. I checked my laptop’s clock. 4:30AM


New day.


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