Of —

paper made of man
or man made of paper —
manmade marmalade
as mandated by the maladies
of mangled manchurians
whose eyes see nothing but:

each angle of skin lies a line
may they be written in calligraphy
which may resemble a horse;
or is that a goldfish;
or your uncle who has just passed away
thanks to some allergic reaction to
squirrels eating leftover ice cream cones
from yesterday.

ink. dry. add water to take
away the red flakes from your tired eyes
wipe but do not let your ring finger linger
to avoid infection, like cancer —

dry ice (can you smell it?)
to be used on this broken-down theater,
do not forget that entrance is at your left,
and exit is at my right.

– To Barthelme and Dali

[Salvosa 2012, ??? Draft]


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