Quotes from Paris

Watched Midnight in Paris just a few days ago and I can’t help but appreciate some of the lines stated by the fictional versions of famous writers. I’m not sure if the quotes are authentic (were they really said/written by the authors?), but all I can say is that they’re quite memorable as well as true.

Also, I’m not really a Woody Allen fan, but I did enjoy watching some of his films like Casino Royale (a James Bond spoof), Bananas, and Mighty Aphrodite.

Here are two of my favorite quotes from the film:

I believe that love that is true and real creates a respite from death. All cowardice comes from not loving, or not loving well, which is the same thing. And when the man who is brave and true looks death squarely in the face, like some rhino hunters I know or Belmonte, who is truly brave, it is because they love with sufficient passion to push death out of their minds. Until it returns, as it does to all men. And then you must make really good love again.

– Ernest Hemingway (played by Corey Stoll)

 The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.

– Gertrude Stein (played by the always amazing Kathy Bates)

Also, Hemingway and Dali (Adrien Brody) totally stole the show!


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