Hello There, 2012 (Promises, Resolutions)

Before anything else, let’s start the year with this:


Okay. Here we go — 2012 will be a very busy year for me. I’ll be a more active writer. I’ll try to send out more articles, submit more pitches, pull off/execute writing projects which have been brewing at the back burner for ages (time to serve ’em!). I’ll write on this blog at least once or twice a week. I’ll write more on my notebook/journal and upload my observations and whatnot. I’ll still write poetry, but I think it’s time to further hone my prose. I want to record every awesome thing that is happening in my life. Everything. Every goddam thing.


Not that I’m walking on thin ice, but I’ll take further steps in getting out of my comfort zone. I will crawl through landmines. I will travel on rusty rooftops and dark alleys. Every step matters. Everyday will be dangerous.


My number one enemy for this year is complacency, second is mediocrity. Should 2012 be our last year of existence, let’s all pull off some big stunt — seize the day and stuff. Let’s not be normal. Let’s be awesome.


I want to think with a clear mind.
I want to look at the world with sober eyes.

You are my coffee.


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