Goodbye, 2011

2011 was a year of risks for me. Starting with a change in perspective and a slightly new job description, I think I’ve managed to grow up (yeah, right, harharhar). Here’s a look at the developments last year:

1.)    Letting Go. My position as Executive Secretary for my boss’s international association was finally given to my colleague. As much as I was tempted to go to Davao, I decided to stay here in Bicol, settle down, and do something progressive for this sleepy little city.

2.)    Moving Forward. I’ve started taking the teacher’s path, part-time at least. Having no training in teaching, I began my journey on rocky grounds—but was able to balance my footing (during the later part of the sem at least). I have to thank my “First Class” for it. To be honest, they’ve unintentionally guided me in becoming a better instructor. Right now I really enjoy teaching— frustrations and difficulties included. I’ll write something more about this class in my later blogs.

3.)    Improving Leadership. Aside from teaching, I’ve started to feel more like a real moderator of my organization, the Ateneo Literary Association (Hi, ALA Peeps!). I have had scenarios where I decided to step back and let the members take the helm, take action, and exercise their rights as young writers and leaders. There were also moments when I had to step in, intervene, and resolve certain challenges imposed upon the organization.

4.)    Taking Risks. I decided to say what I wanted to say to someone. I finally had the courage to roll the dice. Tomorrow is way too unpredictable, and if you’re reading this, you know that I’m just here. Just here.



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