This is Not a Hangover Entry

My nephew woke me up at around six in the morning, asking if I had twenty bucks. He and his brother wanted to catch up with the Sunday activity. I was supposed to join the fun run today but the post-christmas party rest got me dozing off for an extended period. Hell, I figured getting drunk last night was a wee bit intentional, too tired to run anyway — too tired to pull off anything healthy within the long vacation.

I’m sipping lukewarm coffee as I write this entry. My brain is reconstructing itself, recovering from its brokenness from last night’s bacchanalia. I say blame it on the booze. I say thank you for the booze. My memory seems to be shattered and I’m picking up the pieces, slowly putting them together, trying to make sense out of everything and all.

[I fear that I’m formulating false memories as I recover some of it]


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