Paukod (Riddles)

The Bikol paukod are real mind teasers. Some of them may sound obscene to delicate ears, but no malice is intended — just pure entertainment.

Merito Espinas, from Bikol Voices Anthology



A few days ago my students had this group activity for our Intro to Lit class. Each group was tasked to make a Paukod (riddle) or two and let their other classmates guess the answers. Then I asked for their permission if I could upload their works.

Most of the entries here sound quite naughty, but hey, this is just for fun. Here ya go (answers after the line break):

Pagminati mo ini, matagas
Kaipuhan pwerteng himas-himas,
Tanganing may magluwas.
(If you feel it, it’s hard
 You need to thoroughly stroke it
 So something comes out)

Kaputan mo ako
Sa huring segundo kan buhay ko
Ta atyan pulbos na ako.
(Hold me
 At the last second of my life
 For later I’ll become dust) 

Pag ako ginasgas
Puti an minaluwas.
(If I am rubbed
 White will come out) 

Duwang bilog sa unahan
Dai mo pagkapotan.
(Two balls in front,
 Avoid touching them)

Labuton mo ang bumbunan
Maluwas ang kamarayan.
(Puncture the head
 Grace will come out)

Dai mo sinda pakiaraman
Ta an duwa permi gana sa saro.
(Do not mess with them
 For two are always better than one)

Ako dai mo namamaanan,
Pag ako kinaputan,
Ika magagadan.
(If you’re not careful with me
 If you touch me
 You’ll die)

Kung mayong kamot
Dai minahiro.
If there’s no hand
 It will not move)

Pag mainit minaputok
Pag malipot matagas.
(If it’s hot it will explode
 If it’s cold it will harden)

Minaluwas pag malipot
Minatago pag mainit.
(It comes out when it’s cold
 It hides when it’s hot)

Kaugmahan kang kalalakihan
Kaibanan sa kadikluman.
(The happiness of men
 A companion in the dark)

Malumoy, mapulot, mahiwas an nalalakop
Pag-inaanggot, minadiklom an palibot.
(Soft, sticky, wide in reach
 If angered, the place darkens)

Manlaen-laen an kulay ko
Buka an murapak ko
Pano nin bagla mo.
(My colors vary
 My mouth is open
 Filled with your filth)

Arualdaw pinipildit
Minsan nagkikibig-kibig
Minsan nagkukuragrit.
(Everyday it’s pressed
Sometimes it shivers
Sometimes it screams)

Supsupon mo ako
Nin makua mo an laman ko.
(Suck me
So you can get my filling) 




1. Lampara (Lamp)
2. Tsok (Chalk)
3. Tsok (Chalk) 
4. Mata (Eyes)
5. Buko (Coconut) 
6. Bayag (Testicles) [hahahaha! Props to this group for being brave in class]
7. Kuryente (Electricity)
8. Pansurat (Ballpen or Pencil)
9. Papkorn (Popcorn) [hehehehe, I don’t know the Bikol term for it]
10. Dyaket (Jacket)
11. Serbesa (Beer)
12. Pusit (Squid)
13. Inidoro (Toilet)
14. Cellphone
15. Tabagwang (Snail)


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