The Sound of the Year Ending

I’m still thinking if I should end this year with an existential bang.


There’s this awkward gap between us and I doubt that she even knows it. There are moments when I dangerously assume that she could somehow sense my invisible transmissions: quick glances, silly questions, hey-how-are-yous, and whatnot.


Honestly I’m having fun in the classroom, both as a teacher and as a student. To be in the academic ring is thrilling as it is frustrating sometimes. The responsibility of sculpting young minds, bending rules (and daringly breaking some) most of the time, is nerve-racking.


My nephew and I saw smoke coming inside our house. The morning sun illuminated the gray ghost as it slowly seeped its way into the dining area. We observed specs of floating dust lazily suspended on air, sometimes reflecting the light, sometimes mocking it.

We tried to slice the morning apparition using our hands as swords. Nothing happened. We chuckled out of sheer frustration, out of sheer shallowness. It was worth it. Worth.


With my hands I part the fog and hope to see you at the end, only to find ambiguity at its most high.


Whatever it is that I might say before the year ends, I apologize in advance.


Holy shit this ambient internet radio is fucking awesome!


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